cybil is NOW virtual!

Our process is...
Step #1: CybilKit
After you book with us, within 3 bus days you will receive your cybil welcome kit (or as we call it, your "Cybilkit")
Step #2: Prep
Your doctor will host a 30-min one-on-one session with you to answer questions and prepare you for your ingestion-session (step #3)
Step #3: Take
Your Ketamine lozenges, prescribed by your doctor after step #2, will arrive to your front door and you will be ready for your 2-hour ingestion ("take) session all from the comfort of your own home!
Step #4: Discuss
After step #3, your therapist will hold an integration session so that you can best process what you experienced. Also: here we will discuss any next steps!

Comfort of your home

You won't have to worry about driving to a stuffy clinic, instead you simply book directly with us, then schedule your virtual sessions via our portal and lastly you'll receive your compound to your front-door!

secured & guaranteed pricing

cybil is dedicated to care NOT profits; and thus, if you aren't satisfied with your care AT ANY point we will fully refund you. In addition, we PROTECT your purchase in the event you need to cancel or reschedule your virtual sessions!

Totally private

Your one-on-one sessions with your doctor and therapist are fully secured and private via HIPAA compliant virtual sessions! So unless you share your experience, it is only for you to know about!

health monitoring

We believe in quantitative data and science, which is one reason we have our customers complete a short health quiz before and after your treatment. We want to ensure your mental health is truly benefiting from cybil's offering!

Choose the perfect plan

We have multiple ways to pay for this treatment — from our basic option designed to “test the waters” at a low cost to our all-inclusive treatment plans that include several sessions at a BEST-IN-CLASS rate!


Per week, for 8 weeks


Per month, for 6 months


3 one-time payments

Frequently asked questions

This is very common and one of the core reasons why we started cybil. In fact, ONLY ~47% of people that use pharmaceuticals for their mental health ailments (e.g., SSRIs for depression) discover any relief. Compare that to some of the most recently published scientific / clinical research literature for psychedelic-treatments and that efficacy rate is >80%+

We have in-person treatment options available, but this is just for our virtual (i.e., remote) therapy sessions via Ketamine treatment for those that are SSRI-resistant (i.e., typical pharmaceutical medicine isn’t working for you).

As of now, we are ONLY available in California for telehealth, but join our waitlist as we will be debuting more states in the coming months.

Everyone has a different situation, and cybil helps to find the best solution for each patient based on location and need. As of now, only Ketamine is legal within the United States; however, international retreats are available (and highly effective) for those looking for a non-Ketamine experience. However, this is our virtual Ketamine option which is NOW available (i.e., for those approved, you can receive treatment from the comfort of your own home while speaking to the doctor online, as well as ingesting the compound). 

This is based on the doctor’s specialties, which you can view on their listing / profile pages — but typically the primary ailments that psychedelics help treat range from depression, anxiety, PTSD to addiction treatment. 

WHAT Our clients say:

"I was looking for relief from depression and everyday struggles -- cybil helped me achieve this. I would recommend taking the leap and booking today!"
Hilary L.
Product Manager
"I was hesitant at first because psychedelic treatment seemed intimidating, but I am SO SO glad I finally decided to book. There is nothing but good that can happen, I finally feel true RELIEF!"
Jenn S.
Marketing Manager
"I could not be more happy with my decision to book Ketamine treatment via cybil. They allowed me to seamlessly book right from my computer!"
Quintin A.
Construction Worker
"I have NEVER felt as clear-minded and free of the heaviness of anxiety, grief, and depression until after I booked treatment via cybil'. I highly recommend anyone struggling to try psychedelic treatment"
Robert B.
IT Specialist



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